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Whether you want cross-channel campaigns, content marketing, practical GDPR advice for marketers, multi-platform PPC, SEO, social media or marketing automation support, mind the gap marketing is an extension of your team offering both strategic and hands-on services.

How wide is the gap between the size of your team and the marketing support that sales need to meet their targets? How far removed is your marketing strategy from the reality of your day-to-day execution? 

Sometimes you don’t have the expertise in-house (who does have a qualified ‘GDPR for marketers’ expert on their team?) or local field marketers.

That’s where mind the gap marketing can help you to, well, fill the gap.

We work as an extension of your team, whether you want cross-channel campaigns, content marketing, multi-channel PPC, SEO, social media or marketing automation support; we offer both strategic and hands-on services.

Mind the Gap marketing has literally filled in the gaps for us at Safe-T. With a small marketing team and massive expectations from our global sales team, we needed support in content creation, digital marketing campaigns and practical GDPR advice.

Kate and her team have a thorough understanding of start-up needs and processes, demonstrated great originality and creativity and possess considerable knowledge of the cyber security space.

The level of professionalism is unbeatable. They’ve really become an integral part of my Marketing team”.

Julie Shafiki

Chief marketing officer

I worked with mind the gap marketing when our company was tasked with becoming GDPR compliant. Due to the complexity of our digital infrastructure and marketing database, it was important for us to work with a consultant who is a fast learner and can process a lot of information.

Kate was successful at defining tasks and giving us the hands-on tools and education we needed to transform our marketing processes and become GDPR complaint. Kate demonstrated thorough understanding of both legal and digital aspects of the project, and was able to communicate it in a way that we understood.

Thanks to Kate’s expert support we were able to meet very tight deadlines, ensure our marketing activities are now GDPR compliant and continue to promote new data protection laws.”

Noa Mondrowicz


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GDPR, GDPaaarrrr or
Ahhh, GDPR?

GDPR, GDPaaarrrr or
Ahhh, GDPR?

GDPR-compliance is going to be painful for you as a marketer, but if you get it right, GDPaaahrrr will quickly become Ahhhhh, GDPR.
Ahhhh, GDPR



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